3D Boost and Invest

In the ERDF projects 3D Boost and 3D Invest, regional stakeholders (Tampere University of Technology, Tampere University of Applied Sciences and companies of the region) were joined by Sasky to explore the potential of 3D printing: what it suits for and what not. In the project, companies got an opportunity to experiment on the technology without risks and to exploit the results of the scientific research made by the universities. To meet the regional training needs, we started the vocational field of 3D printing. Using the plastic and metal 3D printers acquired in the project, our students do subcontracted work for companies and other commissioned projects for local customers.

The projects were among TOP 5 at the #Regio Stars in 2017. We also made a sequel project, 3D InDesigner, focused on staff training.

Exploring the potential of 3D printing with the regional industry and HE.