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SASKY Municipal Education and Training Consortium

SASKY Municipal Education and Training Consortium (Sasky) was founded in 1966. Owned by 13 municipalities around the Tampere region Sasky provides VET of nearly all fields at 12 different school campuses scattered around the region. Sasky also provides general education at two general upper secondary schools, a civic institute and a music institute. Recently, Sasky has expanded to apprenticeship training, labour policy education and prison education. The total number of students is around 7 000 (6 000 VET), 520 staff. Our VET is very attractive; around 60% of the potential applicants choose VET.

Our mission is to support the life-long learning of students and their professional growth so as to help them become responsible members of society. Promoting the students’ health and work capacity is instrumental for us; we are the only Finnish VET provider to follow up the number of students’ Work Capacity Passports in our financial statement.

Our training is developed continuously based on the needs of the labour market so as to support regional competitiveness and general well-being. In constant dialogue with our owner municipalities, we coordinate projects that contribute widely to regional development in e.g. forwarding digitization and sustainable development. We involve companies in the development of our learning environments and co-operate closely with the world of work to anticipate the future training needs, so as to supply skillful workforce to the region.

At SASKY Municipal Education and Training Consortium education is given in the following fields of study:

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Sasky placed 2nd in the VET Skills Week innovation contest. Read more about our innovations at Innovative Sasky.

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