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Invoicing instructions

SASKY koulutuskuntayhtymä (Sasky Municipal Education and Training Consortium) consists of different colleges and centralized services. Dealing with purchase invoices is one of those centralized services, whereas mail and deliveries are sent to our different colleges.

Please notice that all invoices must be addressed to SASKY koulutuskuntayhtymä.
An invoice with an invalid name will be returned.


Sasky Municipal Education and Training Consortium (0204964-1) primarily accepts e-invoices.
Our e-invoicing operator is CGI with the broker ID 003703575029.
The EDI ID of SASKY Municipal Education and Training Consortium is 003702049641.

Paper invoices

In case your company is not able to send invoices electronically, please use our centralized billing address regardless of the name of the college where the order is delivered:

SASKY koulutuskuntayhtymä
Taitokuja 3
39100 Hämeenkyrö

Even though this address is compulsory, it is advisable to send the invoice to your contact person as an e-mail attachment.

Identifiers of the invoices

To expedite the processing and payment of invoices, please note that we also need the following information on your organisation and your bank: 

Reference information: the person who placed the order and the college/department.

Please also include

Delivery address / other mail

Please also notice that the delivery address is usually different from the invoicing address; please confirm the delivery address from the person who has placed the order. This also applies to any other mail than invoices.

Queries regarding invoices: