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International Study Path

International Study Path

Sasky was awarded the VET Mobility Charter in 2015. Thanks to the Charter, we have been able to build up steady mobility and to do long-term development work on its quality.

From the students’ reports, we have found that the international competences developed during the placements are far more than language and cultural skills: they are essentially the same skills that are needed to cope with the working life of the future.

To improve their transparency, we have built an international study path that can be fully integrated to all our qualifications.

To market international competences, we have built an illustration of our international study path based on our students’ testimonials and we also organised a video competition for our students with the title: “Why do a placement abroad?”

The development project Perfect Match was selected as European Commission’s success story in 2016.

We offer high-quality mobility for our students and staff, to improve the transparency of international competences, we have built an international study path – fully integrated in the qualifications, ee have the VET Mobility Charter since 2015.