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Karkku College of Home Economics and Social Services

Housekeeper (with emphasis on care)

A housekeeper offers care, nursing and assistance in the housework. The profession requires a practical and methodological approach, communication skills, sense of responsibility and genuine caring about the customers’ well-being.

A housekeeper works at the customers’ homes, cafes, catering services and companies offering housekeeping services. The graduates have excellent eemployment opportunities as personal assistants within the social and health care sector.

Site Facilities Operative

A site facilities operator works in the cleaning tasks of residential properties, industrial establishments, vehicles or commercial facilities. In addition, the tasks may include the cleaning of buildings under construction, taking care of yards, small-scale maintenance work and lobby or caretaker services.  The work requires service orientation, punctuality, initiative and assuming responsibility.

Site facilities operators may work at schools, offices, sports facilities, factories, residential properties, airports, shopping centres, hotels, restaurants, vehicles or construction sites.

Practical Nurse

The work of a practical nurse is basic care work consisting of educational, care and rehabilitation tasks. The wide-ranging qualification provides the preconditions for flexible transitions within the social and health care sector. Human relation and interaction skills are central in the profession.

Practical nurses work in daycare, schools, home services, service and activity centres for the disabled, day hospitals, health centre wards, assisted living communities, retirement homes and hospitals.

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