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Huittinen Vocational and Business College

Animal husbandry, Animal Attendant

An animal care worker is responsible for the basic care of livestock and small animals. Animal care includes taking care of the well-being of animals, daily feeding and care work, cleaning of the facilities, supplementing the stocks and exercising the animals. In this profession one needs to know the animals that are cared for and how to treat them appropriately.

Animal care workers work on farms as farm assistants, at animal shelters, zoos, animal rescue homes, pet stores, research institutions and as entrepreneurs in the widening range of animal services.

Business and Administration

The Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration prepares the student for many different professions in private companies, in the public sector and in different  organisations. The profession requires an orientation for customer service and sales.

The graduates can work in customer service tasks, or in business, office and accounting tasks; they can work for companies, the state, municipalities or congregations. The qualification also offers wide-ranging basic information of founding a company and working as an entrepreneur.


A gardener is a professional working within horticulture as well as within flower and garden retail, managing independently the practical work at market gardens and flower or garden shops. In addition to the knowledge of plants, the profession requires good adaptability and health when working outside in different climate conditions and occasionally hot greenhouses.

Gardeners work in farm companies, for municipalities and congregations, horticulture companies, nurseries, flower and garden shops and as entrepreneurs.

Information and Communications Technology

A professional within information and communications technology maintains information systems, participates in the training of users, and sells and markets the products related to the industry. The profession requires good technological know-how, service orientation and cooperation skills.

The graduates work for information technology companies that make software and offer services and consulting related to the use of information technology, database services and content production.


A plumber is a building maintenance technology professional who installs, repairs and services the heating, water and air conditioning systems and equipment in buildings. The profession requires knowledge of HVAC technology, manual skills, proactivity, problem-solving skills and ability to work independently and as a member of a team. Customer service skills are also needed.

Plumbers work in companies in the HVAC field, the construction and energy industry and property maintenance companies.

Pre-vocational studies

These studies have been developed for the transition point between basic education and upper secondary level. They are aimed at supporting successful transitions from one level to the next as well as endorsing the continuity of students’ lifelong study tracks.

Prior to starting education leading to an upper secondary vocational qualification, students may apply for pre-vocational programmes preparing for vocational studies, where necessary.

The studies are directed at young people without a clear idea of their career choice or without sufficient capabilities to apply for or cope with vocational studies.  The studies last approximately one year (60 credits) and each student studies in accordance with his or her individual study plan. We provide the students with the opportunity to:

Rural Entrepreneur

Rural entrepreneurs work on farms in various tasks. The modern rural entrepreneur is expected to master technology and budget planning. Due to changes in the agricultural field, the rural entrepreneur must be ready to develop new additional means of livelihood. Cooperation with other farms and machinery contracting, for example, have strongely increased.

Rural entrepreneurs work as entrepreneurs on their own farms, at agricultural equipment stores, within landscape management services and as agricultural machinery contractors.

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