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Petäjä Adult Education Centre

Petäjä Adult Education Centre organizes yearly over 300 courses in a wide range of subjects: handicrafts, visual arts, language skills, wellbeing, ICT, music and theater. Petäjä operates in area of Kankaanpää, Karvia, Kihniö, Parkano and Pomarkku.

Courses are open to people of all ages and nationalities. No previous studies are required. Age recommendations are stated in course titles (e.g. ”7-8 v.” 7 to 8 years of age). Teaching is in Finnish unless stated otherwise. One lesson is 45 minutes.

Calendar 2021 – 2022

Course Enrollment

We are sorry not able to process enrollment by email, voice mail, Facebook or text messages. Courses start when they have at least seven enrolled participants. No separate confirmation message of course starting is sent. A text message of course cancellation is sent to those enrolled who have provided a mobile phone number.

Course Fee

Enrollment is binding. By enrolling you commit to paying the course fee.
Course fee e.g. ”Kurssimaksu 52€” covers both fall and spring terms.
Terms are invoiced separately e.g. 26€ for fall and 26€ for spring term
Invoices are sent to you post address near the end of the term

State financial aid

The Ministry of Education and Culture has an annual grant to lower adult education centre course fees. Ministry’s target groups are senior citizens, people with learning difficulties, unemployed and immigrants.
Subsidy covers fall term course fees and can be granted to one course per person.
More information about courses eligible to state subsidy is published on our website.

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