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Osara Agricultural College

Natural Resources Producer

A natural resources producer gathers the raw materials he or she needs from nature or cultivates wild plants suitable for his or her product range. The field includes the household use of wild berries, mushrooms and herbs as well as their commercial gathering and further refinement.

Natural resources producers work in companies selling natural products, their tasks including gathering and product design, or they can work at reception points of berries or mushrooms. In addition, the qualification prepares the student to work in companies offering tourism or well-being services as a nature specialist, or as an independent entrepreneur.

Rural Entrepreneur

Rural entrepreneurs work on farms in various tasks. The modern rural entrepreneur is expected to master technology and budget planning. Due to changes in the agricultural field, the rural entrepreneur must be ready to develop new additional means of livelihood. Cooperation with other farms and machinery contracting, for example, have strongely increased.

Rural entrepreneurs work as entrepreneurs on their own farms, at agricultural equipment stores, within landscape management services and as agricultural machinery contractors.

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