Well-being Technician and other co-operation with the world of work

Sasky co-operates extremely closely with the world of work. Sasky has initiated new vocational fields based on the needs of the world of work; one example of that is the field of a Well-being Technician.

With the aging of population, we are running out of caring hands. The technological development can help us solve the problem, but new kind of professionals are needed to install and maintain the technology, and to instruct nurses in its usage.

Other examples of our co-operation with the world of work:

  • Buying new machinery with companies (50-50) helps us provide labour-market relevant VET – a unique co-operation model with companies in Finland!
  • Real-life subcontracting work for companies
  • Constantly exploring new models of training. e.g.
    • Tailored training of Practical Nurses for the company Pihlajalinna,
    • 1+2 model (= 1 year at school, 2 at a company)
    • Flexible combinations of school-based and apprenticeship training
Well-being technician, one example of a training initiated by Sasky based on the needs of the world of work.